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6 Advantages of Choosing a Metal Roof

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a roof repair or replacement, including material, color choice, price, style and practicability. When choosing the material that will work best for your home or business, knowing the advantages of each is important. Metal roofs are plagued with a number of myths and misconceptions—too noisy, too expensive, etc.—so it is important to gather the facts before you decide on what building material may be right for you.

Advantages of Choosing a Metal Roof

More resilient during a thunderstorm

Many believe that a metal roof will attract lightening and put you at higher risk during a thunderstorm, but this is incorrect. Lightning will strike the highest surface of any building regardless of the material, and metal, being an excellent conductor of electricity, will actually disperse the energy more safely and efficiently than another material. It is also not combustible or flammable.

Fits the style and color of any home

Some think of metal roofs as being garish or overly reflective, but the truth is that you can customize a metal roof with a wide variety of styles and colors.

Environmentally friendly

When customizing your metal roof, you can choose a color or a coating that will reflect radiant energy, thus saving you money on your cooling bills. Metal roofs can also be produced from 95% recycled content and are 100% recyclable if you choose to replace them.

Cost effective

Although an asphalt shingle roof might be more inexpensive initially, metal roofs are incredibly resilient and can last 40-60 years or longer. Conversely, you may need to replace an asphalt roof after only 10 or so years.

Noise silencer

Contrary to the popular belief that metal roofs are incredibly noisy during a rain or hail storm, they are actually constructed with a solid sheathing that muffles noise. With a metal roof, you may never be awoken by a rainstorm again.

Lightweight and can be installed over another material

Metal roofs are incredibly lightweight, which will put less stress on the structure of your commercial building or residence. They can also be installed directly over your shingled roof if desired, which will save on re-roofing costs and landfill space.

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