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Choosing a new roof for your home type

According to Bob Vila, style is a significant factor in choosing a roof for your home, but it certainly is not the only one. Roofing can be costly, but it is better to have a safe home built for you and your family. An owner must be knowledgeable while having a roof installation. Every type of home follows a designated type of roof, resulting in efficiency and durability throughout the years.

Bob Vila lists the possible materials for your roof:

  • Wood – 25-year life expectancy; used for centuries; some areas’ fire codes do not allow wood
  • Tile and cement – common in Spanish-type homes; heavy; durable
  • Asphalt shingle – most common material; fiberglass medium with sand-like surface; standard shingle lasts 25 years; laminated shingles last 40 years
  • Slate – one of the most durable; even century-old slates are recycled and used for another century; heavy
  • Metal – steel, copper, lead, and aluminum are all durable materials

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