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Exploring the Different Types of Roofing Shingles

When constructing a commercial building, choosing the proper roof shingles is a vital step to ensuring the structural integrity of the property. The shingles are expected to last through storms, wind, and other natural forces for years after they are installed. However, when shingles are improperly installed, roofs can become easily damaged and fail to adequately serve their purpose. Additionally, some ill-informed individuals may install the wrong shingles altogether. Knowing your roofing shingle options and choosing the correct type can help not only prevent damage, but also decrease energy bills by blocking outside heat and cold.

Popular Options for Shingles

Choosing the right shingles can be essential to extending the life of your roof and allowing it to withstand numerous weather conditions. The options for roofing shingles will vary based on the climate, as well as the overall look owners hope to achieve. Common types of shingles include:

  • 3-tab
  • Dimensional
  • Lifetime
  • Designer

In addition to selecting the optimum type of shingle, it is imperative that a qualified installation company is chosen to position the product. Many installation companies make crucial mistakes when installing or repairing a roof, leading to damage of the property. Luckily, Black Slate Roofing, LLC, is ready to help you pick the perfect shingles for your commercial property and expertly install them for you.

Contact a Commercial Roof Installation Company in Texas

If you are looking to install or repair your commercial roof and have questions about shingles, the Texas professionals at Black Slate Roofing, LLC, are ready to help in any way we can. Call us today at (512) 969-6790 to learn more about the services we offer.

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