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How poor workmanship affects rubber roofing installation

Rubber roofing provides an economical, eco-friendly and low maintenance roofing solution without sacrificing the robustness and efficiency any roofing system needs. With its highly durable and flexible rubber materials, a rubber roofing system offers impressive roof protection at a lower cost and an easier upkeep.

However, poor installation of rubber roofing significantly increases the likelihood of roof problems. Moisture, water pooling, billowing, and leaks are among the many possible issues that poor workmanship on a rubber roof can cause. Oftentimes, inexperienced and hasty roof installers fail to ensure that the roof is free from any wrinkles during the bonding process. Wrinkles may occur when workers are in a hurry to install the rubber roofing without allowing it to ‘relax’ first. Wrinkles may also occur when installers fail to clean the to-be-glued surfaces, or seal any suspicious seam edge.

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