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Identifying Storm Damage to Your Roof

During severe storms, roofing shingles are oftentimes seriously damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. A roof can be affected by hail damage, wind damage, water damage, tornado damage, or even mold formation and wood rot that resulted from storm damage. Any water, mold, and wood rot damage can compromise the entire structural integrity of your roof. In worst case scenarios, the entire roof could collapse, causing further damage to your entire home. As a home or business owner, you want to exercise extreme caution when dealing with storm damage.

Common Signs of Roof Damage

It’s important to be able to recognize common signs of roof damage so you can act quickly to repair your roof. Roof damage only gets worse if it goes unnoticed, and it is best to prevent as much future damage as possible. Common signs of roof damage include:

  • Absent roof shingles or tiles
  • Dented shingles
  • Cracked or shingles or tiles
  • Granules collecting in gutters
  • Gaping holes
  • Leaks
  • Dents on vents or gutters

A severe storm impacts the exterior of your home the most, so it is likely that your roof will sustain a majority of the damage. If you suspect any damage to your roof has occurred, seeking a repair solution should be your first priority.

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If your home has sustained roof damage in a storm, Black Slate Roofing, LLC, has extensive experience in roofing emergency services on those damaged by natural disasters. Contact our Austin offices today by calling 512-969-6790 for the professional roofing expertise you would expect in any roofing emergency. Your home is important to you, and we will do everything we can to repair and sustain it against future damage.

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