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Is soundproofing your metal roof possible?

Many residential owners tend to shy away from choosing metal roofs due to the assumption that roofing materials made of tin are far noisier than its counterparts, such as clay and rubber. Although you can never make metal roofs totally noise-free, you may consider these tips to make your metal roof more or less soundproof:

  • Choose the right materials – Because corrugated roofs have crests that do not apply directly to the roof beams, they are noisier compared to standing seam metal roofs.
  • Choose the right people – Workmanship matters in making your roof soundproof. Poorly fastened roof sheets, for instance, may increase vibration, causing your roof to become noisier especially during inclement weather.
  • Choose the right insulation – Finally, installing a light plasterboard on your ceiling may help reduce the noise coming from your roof surface.

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