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Oil canning: what it is and how it occurs

The visible waviness of flat metal roof panels, called elastic buckling, stress wrinkling, or oil canning, has a profound effect on the exterior appearance of your home. Oil canning is an inherent characteristic of metal panels, and it can be visible during certain times of the day, depending on how sunlight strikes the metal roof surface.

Oil canning happens because of the processes metal panels went through before being installed on your roof:

  • Coiling – Fabricated metal roofs are originally coiled for easy handling. Thin, wider strips of metal roofs are more prone to rippling when rolled
  • Slitting – The wider the coiled metals are cut, the more prone they are to oil canning
  • Forming – Thin metal strips that were subjected to intense pressure during formation make the sheet more prone to uneven bending, causing oil canning

In some cases, however, oil canning could also be a result of poor workmanship. Unbalanced roof support and asymmetrical roof framing system, for instance, can introduce additional stress to the metal sheet and cause wrinkling.

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