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Ponding Water

Ponding water can create many detrimental problems for your roof. When water remains on a roof for 48 hours or longer, it is defined as ponding water according to the National Roofing Contractors Association. As water accumulates on a roof that does not have an adequate slope built in, the roof cannot drain properly and may result in variety of negative and costly consequences. Additionally, imperfections like splits or cracks in your roof can allow moisture to reach the insulation if it is exposed to water for long periods of time, impacting your home or business’s overall thermal control.

Effects of Roof Ponding

Ponding can cause serious problems over time. If your roof design doesn’t have at least 1/4” of slope per foot of roof, it is likely that your roof will be vulnerable to ponding water. Effects of ponding water include:

  • Deformation of your roof structure
  • Damage to roof surface
  • Algae and fungi growth
  • Accumulation of contaminants and debris
  • Erosion and deterioration of roof

To prevent further damage to your roof structure and the insulation below, it is important to address your ponding water issue as soon as possible by contacting an experienced Austin roofer at Black Slate Roofing, LLC.

Contact an Austin Roofer for Help

If you are experiencing problems with ponding water on your roof, an Austin roofing professional with Black Slate Roofing, LLC can assess the situation and provide you with the most efficient and cost effective solution to solving the problem. Contact our experienced Austin roofers at (512) 969-6790 today.

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