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Reroofing or roof repair, which is more costly?

Hail, gusts of wind, thunderstorms, and normal wear and tear are among the many possible reasons that your roof is in need of repair. However, many business and homeowners are having a difficult time deciding whether to repair their damaged roof or to replace it.

Minimally damaged roofs may just necessitate small repair work. Though, one professional notes that some homeowners wish that “they’d bitten the bullet and had the roof replaced” before having to call for repairs on several different occasions for an older roof; recurrent repairs might mean more cost over time, and more damage to the home’s interior. Roof replacement is substantially more expensive initially however, and you want to make sure you have exhausted all resources before coming to this conclusion. Your roof should be evaluated by a professional to see if it will be more beneficial to replace now or if minor work will effectively fix the problem.

Deciding whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced is not an easy task. To learn more about which would be best for your home or business, consult with our team of professional Texas roofers at Black Slate Roofing, LLC. Call us at (512) 969-6790 today.

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