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Roof defects: a product of poor workmanship

Defective roof installation due to poor workmanship remains one of the primary causes why problems with your roof continue to occur. Sadly, many roof installers fall short of qualifications and experience to ensure durability and quality in roof installations.

For instance, roof felt installers who failed to clean, dry and prime the area before applying adhesives will experience future problems of roof felt aging and roof leakage. When installing roof shingles, an inexperienced installer might push the roof shingle nail or bolt improperly, or might drive it into the shingles too hard. Some nails may also be placed too high or too low on a shingle. These seemingly small errors and more can ultimately cause the shingles to not attach properly and become unstable.

Roof installation requires the knowledge and the experience of qualified roofers who know well the different installation techniques appropriate for your roofing needs. At Black Slate Roofing, LLC, we take pride in our reliable workmanship, and are more than ready to help you when you call our Austin office at 512-969-6790 today.

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