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The benefits of cold process coating

Decades after its introduction in the country, the cold process roof system has been among the top choices of residential and commercial property owners for their roof protection needs. Cold process roofing refers to the multiple layers of sheets or rolls made of fine materials such as organic stabilizers, glass-fibers, and other minerals to provide extra protection to low slope residential and commercial roofs. Unlike hot mopped asphalt roofing, cold process roof system sheets are bonded with cold solvent-based or water-based adhesive.

Cold process coatings offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Safer and easier application – Unlike in hot mopped asphalt where workers are exposed to the risk of fume and heat hazards, applying cold process coating requires minimal equipment and is not dangerous to health
  • Improved life expectancy – Cold process roof system is expected to last longer than other conventional roof protection systems
  • Aesthetically appealing – This is especially true among cold process coatings composed of glass-fiber layers
  • Energy and cost efficient – Its effective insulation and low maintenance cost makes cold process roof system economical and environment-friendly

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