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The Benefits of Cold Process Coatings

A roof that efficiently protects you and your family from poor weather and unforeseeable conditions is necessary for a safe and comfortable home. In an effort to build and maintain reliable roofs that can live up to the high standards you hold for your house, the craftsmen at Black Slate Roofing, LLC, utilize a number of cold process coating methods. Cold process roofing systems have been a popular and effective roof treatment since the early 1900s. The process uses a “cold applied” technology that gives roofs a durable, long lifespan that requires minimal maintenance. Low slope roofs, a common type of roof in North America, were historically repaired with hot applied coal tar pitch. However, the newer cold process waterproof mastics and adhesives are a safer alternative for commercial and residential buildings. The process can work as a way of repairing an old roof as well as way to completely replace the existing roof. Traditional built-up roofs are often installed using a cold process coating system due to the number of benefits that cold process coatings provide.

Types of Cold Process Coating Systems

There are a variety of ways that cold process coating systems can be applied to a roof so as to ensure the best results. Some of the most common cold process roofing techniques include:

  • Cold Process Built-Up Roofing
  • Adhesive Application of Modified Bitumen
  • Liquid-Application Monolithic Membrane System

Each of these types of application processes will offer a high-tech option to meet your specific roofing needs. Contact a roofing repair or construction company today to get started on the safe, secure roof that fits your home.

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