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The benefits of green roofing

Many homeowners today choose to go green, even with their roofs. Green roofs are covered with soil and vegetation to help decrease the amount of greenhouse gases in the air.

But reducing the urban heat is not the only benefit of green roofs. Because your roof is covered with plants and soil that absorb rainwater, the amount of runoff ending up in the city drainage is also reduced. Plants also lower the temperature on the surface of the roof, helping you save money from cooling costs. Finally, the surface of your green roof is covered with waterproof membranes, which improve its overall service life.

For your green roof, you need to have a particular roof surface that is constructed in a way to resist water and wear-out. Consult with our team of roof experts at Black Slate Roofing, LLC, by calling (512) 969-6790 to learn more about constructing a roof that would be able to support this green environment.

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