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Why choose metal roofing?

According to Paul Kazlov, a green home remodeling enthusiast and an industry pioneer for innovation in home renovation, there are 8 main reasons as to why homeowners opt for metal roofing. According to RISMedia, a real estate information website, the top reasons for homeowners choosing metal roofs are as follows:

  • Longevity – no thermal expansion and contraction
  • Energy efficiency – high reflectance of solar and thermal emissivity
  • Customization flexibility – metal roofs can be painted with different colors and may be painted to imitate the texture of other roofing materials
  • Convenient upkeep – metal roofs do not absorb water
  • Durability – metal roofs are fire-retardant and are impervious to mold, rust, and mildew
  • Resale value
  • Eco-friendly – metal roofs can last over 50 years
  • Great return on investment

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