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Why switch to rubber roofing?

Rubber roofs are among the many brand new roofing alternatives that offer durability and efficiency at a relatively cheaper price. Although it can sometimes be available in rolls for establishments with flat roof, rubber roofing may also closely resemble traditional wooden shingles but are less prone to discoloration, leak, dents, and cracks.

Below are some of the many advantages rubber roofing has to offer:

  • Economical – Rubber roofs are cheaper compared to conventional roofs
  • Eco-friendly – Rubber roofs are composed of slate dust, saw dust, and recycled and old rubber tires
  • Easier upkeep – Unlike other conventional roofing materials, rubbers are relatively more durable when exposed to extreme temperature and weather conditions
  • Easy installation – Although rubber roof installation is almost the same as that of conventional roofing, rubber roof shingles are much lighter, making them easier to install

If you are considering installing or switching to rubber roofing, or have any other roof concerns, seek the help of our team of experienced and skilled roof experts at Black Slate Roofing, LLC. Call our Austin office at 512-969-6790 today.

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