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Your roof could be an easy entrance for pests

You may not know it, but your roof might be housing some unexpected guests that are not welcome in your home. Bugs, mice, squirrels, cockroaches, even snakes, may choose your attic as their home and wreak havoc not just in your roof, but around your whole house.

Check for the following signs to see if your roof is infested with pests:

  • Holes – Holes in the soffit leading to the roof’s interior are perfect doorways for critters. Critters can also enter your home through broken vents.
  • Animal droppings – The presence of animal feces and urine could mean your roof is infested.
  • Noises – Sounds of critters scurrying around your attic could be a tell-tale sign of roof infestation.
  • Gnawed cables, wires, and ceiling – Rodents have a constant need to chew in order to wear down their front incisors that never stop growing.

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